What is Agrosensi?

AgroSensi is an initiative to improve agriculture all over the world. Safe healthy products and practical research are our tools, boosted by common sense. Agrosensi develops and produces natural products, completely free of chemicals, to improve yield and quality. AgroSensi is an independent company in the south of The Netherlands (EU).

Approval for use in organic farming

The Agrosensi products are approved for use in organic farming in the European Union. Best results are with organic natural seeds or hybrid seeds. The use on GMO is not advised and has not been tested, due to a ban on testing and research of the owners of GM seed patents.

Approval: (EEG) nr. 2092/91 and article 21, section 2, of approval (EG) nr. 834/2007.

Some results

Improving soy cultivation in the Netherlands. Our research focuses on soy cultivation in the Netherlands. In particular, the impact of Agrosensi VLDF® organic fertiliser system on the yield and quality of soy. 

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